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Day 11: 7/5/2019

Hi everyone! It's been a few days since I've written a post, so I'm excited to share some updates! First off, I can't believe it is already July! I feel like this summer is going by so fast and before you know it we'll be getting ready to go back to school :(. It is only the end of week 2, yet it feels like we've been here for months.

Wednesday, we had our first oral test which was a little nerve-wracking, but turned out to be not bad at all! It ended up being just a few questions and I felt pretty prepared for the questions they had asked, which I'm glad about.

Yesterday was the fourth of July so to celebrate, we did not have any classes and actually took a day trip to Quanzhou, a nearby city just out of Xiamen. We visited not one, but two temples along with a historical museum. The second temple we visited is the largest in the Fujian province. We had lunch at a restaurant nearby, which was so nice after eating nothing but dining hall food and snacks like ramen and pocky sticks from the supermarket.

Although we it was just for a day, it was nice to be able to have a break from classes and explore more of the environment and culture of China.

Today we resumed classes and moved on to lesson 2 which is focused on food. It has been super helpful to learn more vocabulary on food and restaurant etiquette because now we can properly order food at the restaurants we visit on campus.

After lunch and lecture today, we had Tai Chi for our interest group which was a really cool experience!

Can't wait for our second community service project tomorrow!!


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