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Day 2: 6/26/2019

We started off today bright and early with breakfast at 8am. The hotel breakfast had a huge array of Western cuisine and traditional Chinese breakfast food such 包子(dumplings), and 油条 (fried dough). Today, I opted for the Western cuisine and went with a couple of croissants and some pound cake. I was really excited to see the buttered croissants in the buffet because it reminded me of last summer; last year during my stay in Kenya at Global Encounters, croissants were basically my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We departed the hotel at 9am and our first stop was the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (上海城市规划馆). Here we got to see the city's achievements in city planning and construction. I was super excited to see an entire floor dedicated to Shanghai's sustainability and future environmental goals. Afterwards, we visited Shanghai Museum (上海博物馆) to learn about ancient Chinese art. The different exhibits included one for pottery and one for clothing, which I found most interesting. For lunch, we ate at a restaurant called Nanjing Da Pai Dang ( 南京大牌档). We tried lots of tasty dishes including shao bing (烧饼), a baked sesame seed coated bread which was everyone's favorite.

After lunch, we visited the Yu Garden Market near the City God Temple ( 城隍庙). I ended up buying a few mystic knots which are the traditional red knots that symbolize good fortune, along with a silk scarf. There weren't as many shops as I expected, however, there were lots of fun places to try different foods. I was excited to try pearl milk tea from a local cafe which was served in a light bulb shaped glass (see pic below). I was still pretty full from lunch so I didn't buy anything else to eat, but my friends tried rou jia mo (肉夹馍), a traditional chinese hamburger, and xiao long bao (小笼包), a crab roe soup dumpling.

Next, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading back out for dinner which was at a restaurant named Cha Li Shi ( 查厘士).

Here are today's pics:


p.s. the top in wearing was thrifted!

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