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Day 6: 6/30/2019

你好!Today we started getting into our everyday routine here. We woke up around 7:30 and breakfast was at 8:00. I'm so happy because I actually slept through the entire night last night, probably for the first time since I got here. After we ate breakfast, we headed to class. Today, our lesson was on the weather and comparison sentence structures. This was mostly review for me since I already learned it in school, but I still got a lot of new vocab down. After class, we headed to lunch and then to our first class on Chinese culture. Today we talked about China's land and people. We learned about the different Chinese provinces, population, and geography. Next, we headed back to our handcrafting class from yesterday. I finally finished my Peking opera mask (wish I could add a picture but the WiFi is still spotty). After, we had a tutoring session with the students from the university. She helped us review what we learned in class today and how to use what we learned in real-life conversations. The highlight of the day was a photo scavenger hunt we did around campus with our small groups. Although it was SUPER hot and we were running around all gross and sweaty, it was fun getting to see more of the beautiful campus. From now on, I probably won't be blogging every single day since we get into a pretty monotonous everyday school routine, but I'll make sure to include any highlights or exciting things that happen!


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