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#EmpowerWomxn by Sanaya Set

Growing up in a household of 3 girls and a father who constantly pestered my sister and I about watching documentaries and reading New York Times articles about the accomplishments of women all around the world, I was told that as a woman, I could do anything. As a young, brown skinned, Muslim girl living in Chicago, intersectional feminism in particular, quickly became an big part of my identity which is why the Sanaya Set and their message is particularly important to me.

What is intersectional feminism? Intersectional feminism has to do with the fact that women have a lot of overlapping identities such as race, class, ability, sexuality, religion, etc. and all of these impact the discrimination we face on top of the discrimination all women face, just for being women.

The Sanaya Set is a seasonal collection of ethical lifestyle products that elevate social justice, self-care, and intersectionality. By purchasing the Sanaya Set, you are contributing to elevate social justice and helping women grow. 10% of net proceeds are donated to charitable organizations focused on fighting for women.

"As first-generation South Asian womxn, our life experiences have shown us that feminism goes beyond gender. We believe in intersectional feminism, which is aimed at understanding overlapping identities and how these factors impact the way we experience oppression and discrimination. "- The Sanaya Set

You might be wondering why womxn is spelled with an x. At the Sanaya Set, one of the many ways they promote intersectionality is by having adopted 'womxn' to show solidarity with the trans community.

This brand is everything I stand for. As an intersectional feminist, South Asian woman, and huge advocate for organizations and fair-trade companies that elevate women globally, their message is extremely important to me.

And yet another amazing aspect? While making a positive impact, the Sanaya Set also recognizes how important practicing self-care is--something I personally have been having trouble balancing into my day-to-day life.

Their seasonal collections are priced from $35 per month and quarterly collections at $99. They also recently launched an Intersectional Marketplace, which offers individual socially conscious products at lower prices. 10% of net proceeds from the Marketplace are donated to Women for Women International! You can subscribe to the Sanaya Set and shop their products including their #empowerwomxn shirt here!


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