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Ethical Fashion Shouldn't Have to be Expensive and Exclusive-- and Not All of it is

It makes me upset that ethical fashion seems to be something so unadvertised and under-appreciated, especially in America. Not only is obtaining ethical clothing hard, but its also extremely costly!! Ethical fashion shouldn't have to be expensive and exclusive-- and not all of it is. Here's a list of affordable ethical fashion brands:

H&M's Conscious Collection: Not really sure how I feel about this still. I do love H&Ms clothes however the majority of their products are not ethical. It seems odd to have an entire line dedicated to ethical products only because it indicates that the rest of the products on the market are not sustainably made. However, I do think it is a step further than a lot of other companies who do use fast fashion.

PACT: Basic clothes such as underwear, socks, tees and more made with organic cotton.

Alternative Apparel: "Fashion basics for a sustainable future"

Swap: An online thrift store and extremely affordable.

thredUP: Similar to Swap-- an online secondhand store with great prices.

Ararose: They're super affordable and sustainable! Here is a part of their message: "To reduce waste in the fashion world, we are choosing to sell our less than perfect products for half the original price. This gives you the opportunity to purchase our items at fantastic value without compromising our values against the high turnover of fast fashion."

Armed Angels: Fair and eco fashion using organic cotton

Everlane: Minimalistic ethical clothing.

Threads For Thought: Casual clothing and activewear for men and women and eco-friendly!

Tonlé: Zero waste handmade women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and jewelry.

Also, remember that shopping ethical isn't the only way to have sustainable style. Thrifting and upcyling are cheap and effective ways of being conscious while still maintaining good style.


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