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GLASS: "Turning Fashion History Into Wearable Art"

Looking to find authentic vintage luxury pieces that are also sustainable? Look no further because GLASS checks all of those boxes.

Anoosha, the founder of GLASS, just recently took interest in jewelry making at the beginning of quarantine, despite her family being in the jewelry industry for quite some time. After purchasing a repurposed jewelry piece that was advertised as authentic, she quickly realized the piece was fake. Frustrated by sellers scamming customers by buying cheap products and selling them at extremely high prices, Anoosha decided to try her own hand at making repurposed authentic jewelry.

The first thing she ever sourced was a Chanel bar bracelet from a vintage shop in France. Although she was super nervous to buy it, she made the investment and turned the bracelet in to the beautiful necklace below (swipe to see the original bracelet).

Anoosha says she is a strong believer in the idea of investing in pieces that last you long— the very root of sustainability in the fashion world. She makes her pieces in small batches and sources all of her materials by hand from pre-authenticated vintage shop owners. She makes sure to stay away from buying pieces off of sites like eBay or Poshmark to be sure her pieces are truly genuine and are high quality.

Her beautiful necklaces like the ones pictured above are made out of tarnish free materials like .925 Silver and are gold plated so that they can last long. She has repurposed pieces from Dior heels, LV bags, Chanel bracelets, Prada sandals—you name it. Anoosha gifted me the Chanel Blush Nude Classic Necklace and I seriously haven't taken it off since the day I received it. It really is a perfect minimal piece; it pairs well with so many things and is great for layering necklaces too(see below!).

Perhaps the one of the coolest things about her brand is that it is named GLASS because she wants everything to be transparent! I've really enjoyed collaborating with Anoosha, especially because we are both Ismaili and South Asain women involved in the sustainable fashion world, which unfortunately is pretty uncommon. Be sure to check out her shop and her Instagram linked here!


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