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Okay, we are all guilty of using single-use plastic. Whether it's through water bottles, plastic grocery bags, straws, or another convenient option, our use of it results in countless negative global consequences. It might be hard to completely cut out single-use plastic from our lives, but joining the Plastic Free July challenge is a great way to get started. Here are a few ways you can go plastic free this month:

- Carry reusable shopping bags. There's tons of other options available like canvas tote bags.

- Give up bottled water. Boxed water or using reusable water bottles are the best option when reducing single-use plastic usage.

- Give up plastic straws. Use straws made of materials such as glass or bamboo instead.

- Choose milk in returnable glass bottles when at the grocery store.

- Use reusable containers to store food.

- Bring your own bamboo or reusable utensils instead of using plastic utensils.

- Stop using plastic wrap. There are much better substitutes such as beeswax paper.

- Choose a bamboo toothbrush and hairbrush.

- Buy bar soap instead of liquid soap.

- Instead of using to-go coffee cups, use a reusable cup or request no lid.

- Buy toilet paper that is wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

- Be educated about the negative effects of plastic use!

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