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The CANO Shoe

Behold the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned: the MARISOL mule from CANO, yes, seriously (and it's a plus that they are sooo stylish). I've been wanting mules for such a long time, mainly because of their versatility. I paired these with some thrifted bootcut jeans, a beige crop top, and a round, hand crocheted bag.

One of the reasons I was so excited when CANO asked me to join their summer campaign, was that our messages about the importance of transparency and sustainability align. These mules, along with all other shoes from CANO are handmade by artisans using vegetable tanned leather. If you're unfamiliar with what vegetable tanned leather is, vegetable tanning is a process that takes up to 28 days. Cow hides are dyed using plant-based tanning agents instead of chemicals and are naturally dried outside. CANO's leather is sourced locally and come from wide-open farms and to reduce transportation and emissions.

CANO shoes are made by artisans who get fair payment and a good work environment. CANO gives their workers the credit they deserve for their meticulous craftsmanship; with their app, customers are able to scan the sole of their CANO shoes and see details who handcrafted them.  SO COOL.

They are currently having their summer sale and they offer plenty of different styles, from chelsea boots to huaraches to sandals. They even have a jewelry collection!

Make sure to check them out before the sale ends and follow them on insta!


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