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the Starling Box

You guys, I love everything about Starling Box. Not just because their products are undeniably gorgeous and colorful, or that the box itself is adorable, but also because of what they stand for.

Right now, over 20 million people worldwide are trapped in human trafficking. These millions of people are victims of inhumane working conditions and are paid much less than a living wage. Worse, millions are sold into the sex trade. Starling Box recognizes that this must end.

Each of the products in their subscription box are from a brand that employs survivors of trafficking or at-risk individuals. They provide them with fair wages, vocational training, and safe housing which helps employees escape the trafficking industry for good.

Even better, Starling Box donates 100% of profits to organizations fighting trafficking. By subscribing, you not only get versatile artisan-made goods, but you are also supporting an end to human trafficking.

My favorite item in the box was probably the Emi choker from Purpose Jewelry, a brand that I have loved ever since I discovered them on Instagram several months ago. Purpose Jewelry is a branch of iSanctuary, a nonprofit that houses survivors of trafficking. iSanctuary has served over 300 women in Mumbai and Orange County and provides vocational training and education, fair employment, scholarships, medical care, and micro-loans. All of Purpose Jewelry's products are handcrafted by these survivors and 100% of profits go back into iSanctuary to fund their programs. I especially loved that each piece is signed by the person who made it.

The box also included the Basic Skincare Kit from Apple Rose Beauty which I absolutely loved using. All of their products are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Also inside was the 'Organized Chaos in a Black Bag" waterproof bag from She Rescued Home, some super tasty coffee grounds from Rethreaded, a cute, versatile bag from JOYN bags, healing essential oils from Thistle Farms, a colorful tea towel from Sewing New Futures, and last but not least, a red thread from Eternal Threads, signifying the Red Thread Movement.

I am so glad that I got to learn more about these amazing brands through Starling Box and I encourage you guys to be a part of the movement and subscribe. Here's a link to their website if you'd like to learn more :


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