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Thrifting Tips!!

One way to stop feeding into the dangerous cycle of fast fashion is to pay a visit to your local thrift store. Each year, our unwanted clothes end up in landfills. If more people shop second-hand, this means less textile waste! However, if you've ever thrifted before you know it's not as easy as it seems. Here are a few of my favorite thrifting tips to help score some awesome pieces!

1. Know what you need

The first thing you should do is make a list of what you are looking for. Thrifting without a set goal in mind can be hard and distracting. Know what you need and focus on finding those items. Of course, if you do find something you love that isn't on your list, then go for it.

2. Only purchase items you truly love and know you are going to wear.

The best part about thrifting is finding all of the unique pieces that are so incredibly easy to fall in love with. Make sure you truly do love a piece and that you'll wear it several times before purchasing. Also, think about if you own any similar pieces already.

3. Shop off season

This one is pretty obvious because it's the same for retail stores, but you'll score the best deals on clothes that aren't in season.

4. Visit often

Thrifting can be a hit or miss. You might walk out with 6-7 things one day and completely empty-handed another, so visit often! Also, figuring out when your local thrift store restocks and visiting on those days is super helpful. That way, you get first dibs on all the new items.

5. Location matters

Try thrift stores in smaller and less busy areas. Prices tend to be higher in more upscale areas!

6. Check all racks

Thrifting takes time so make sure you've got the patience for it. If you're really committed to walking out with something, you shouldn't skip any racks.

7. Try on when you can

Not all thrift stores have fitting rooms but if the one you're at does, take advantage of it. Thrift store sales are usually final so make sure what you want works for you.

8. Learn what you can and can’t fix

Thrift stores are perfect for finding pieces to upcycle, but make sure you know what you can and can't fix before you buy it to prevent it from going to waste.

9. Discounts

Some thrift stores offer student discounts and some have specific discount days, so do your research! Call up your thrift store beforehand to find out.

Thrift stores are super affordable and a great place to find unique pieces. If you're feeling too lazy to actually make a trip out, try shopping second-hand from places like thredUP, Poshmark, Relove, or eBay.

Hope this helps!


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