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5 easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle can be challenging, but here are a few ways to get started!

1. Use a bamboo toothbrush: This switch might seem small but it's still impactful. There are billions of people around the world who go through several plastic toothbrushes each year which results in significant waste in our oceans and landfills. Bamboo is perfect because it is biodegradable.

2. Shampoo bars: I recently switched to shampoo bars and chose the "Honey I Washed My Hair" from Lush. Using shampoo bars is simple and more sustainable because they aren't packaged in plastic! They are also meant to last up to 80 washes!

3. Bring your own bags: I've talked about this one before but this is probably one of the easiest switches one could make. Reusable bags usually aren't expensive and really come in handy! Here are some for produce and some for everyday use!

4. Reduce water waste: One simple action you could take to reduce water waste is reduce your showering time. Although taking 5 minute showers might be unrealistic, you can reduce your water usage and the CO2 emissions by 70-80%, saving thousands of gallons of water. There are even shower timers available to invest in. Another simply way to reduce your water usage is simply by turning off the faucet when you're not using it, for example, while brushing your teeth.

5. Maybe the easiest one: carry a reusable water bottle. I have had my Swell water bottle for almost 2 years now and it is probably one of the best investments I've ever made. I haven't bought a plastic water bottle since, and love my Swell because it keeps my water cold all day!


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