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October is Fair Trade Month! Fair Trade Month raises awareness about the importance of the fair trade movement and promotes buying fair trade products. What exactly are fair trade products? Fair trade products are those in place of products which might harm the environment or producers in developing countries. Learn more about fair trade here!

So how can you help celebrate #fairtrademonth? Here are a few steps you could take:

Buy Fair Trade

Arguably the most simple way to contribute to the cause is to buy fair trade. It can be as easy as swapping your morning coffee for the fair trade certified version! Your fair trade purchases give artisans in developing countries opportunities to earn a fair income that pays for food, education, healthcare and housing.

Spread the Word

Spread the word to friends and family about fair trade and share on social media! Encourage local businesses to 'go fair trade.'

Donate to Fair Trade USA

You can fundraise for the cause or donate directly here.

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